About Us


GLENTOP is an international trading company, based in Guangzhou, South China. Our job is to act as the representative in China of companies from all over the world, and we have prosperous long-term business relationships with clients in the United States, Panama, Brazil, Uruguay, and many other countries.
We have a wealth of experience doing business in China, and we know how to negotiate the best deals with the best prices and the fastest delivery times.
We handle a wide range of products, everything from clothes to chemicals, from footwear to furniture, and when it comes to merchandise and markets our potential is almost unlimited. We directly cooperate with many reputable manufacturers and suppliers and we can offer you the most competitive terms, top quality products, worry-free operation and on-time delivery. Our mission at GLENTOP is to become an extension of your company and to handle all your sourcing operations. In other words, we become your China office. We have enjoyed great success over the years and we are expanding globally.

More Information

Are you searching for a reliable supplier in China?
Are you deterred by the high cost of flights, hotels and so on?
Do you need someone to double check your goods before shipment?
If you answer ‘yes’ to any of these questions, contact GLENTOP.
Our job is to make your business easy.
Why do you need GLENTOP?

You are in international trade and China is a huge country with massive potential, but unfortunately, just like everywhere else, there are also unscrupulous individuals who will pocket the deposit and fail to supply the goods. China has a very fluid and dynamic business environment and there are swindlers who supply poor quality or defective goods, or who simply take the money and run. There is only one sure way to avoid that risk, you find someone who knows the game in China, someone who has played it for a long time. That someone is GLENTOP. We make simple, fast local inspections, we check with our contacts in the network, and so we eliminate risk. You want an efficient and reliable manufacturer, and we find him. Please get in touch with us at any time for further information.


E-mail: export@glentop.com