Our Service

Supplier assessment & price comparison

We at GLENTOP understand that what you want in China is a reliable manufacturer, and we are the right people to find him. We have an excellent reputation for getting the job done, and we have credibility not only with our clients but also with the Chinese. With GLENTOP on your team the language barrier just does not exist. We do business every day in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Mandarin and Cantonese, so communication is never a problem. The interface between our foreign clients and our Chinese manufacturers is smooth and seamless. We source products in accordance with our clients’ specifications and customer sample, we identify potential suppliers and find that delicate balance between price and quality, we conduct factory checks, we analyze every deal to anticipate possible mistakes, we negotiate for optimum pricing, we procure the products our client wants and we keep him up to date about how we are progressing.

Order Management and Detail Confirmation

Once a supplier has been chosen and the offer is accepted, we take care of the details. This means that GLENTOP handles the samples, the packaging and packing, client logos, all the documentation, exact delivery time, payment terms, and so on. If there is a mixed-load container for one client, we coordinate various suppliers so we can fill the order correctly and efficiently. The client only has to tell GLENTOP what he wants, and we take make direct contact with the supplier and take care of the rest.

Document Preparation

We know all about the Chinese market and we know how to move things in it. We secure all the required documentation relating to your order: Proforma Invoice, Purchase Order, Product Description, Bill of Lading, Commercial Invoice, Packing List, and also FORM A, Certificates of Origin, and so on. Any other special documents required are available upon request.

Shipping arrangements

We move a lot of merchandise so we can secure good prices with international forwarders. We monitor shipment progress and provide follow up with timely shipment tracking and billing requests.

Quality Control

GLENTOP understands that quality control is vitally important because quality means reputation. There have been cases when unethical suppliers have tried to send lower-quality goods to make marginal gains on the quoted prices. The pre-production samples may pass the inspections and tests perfectly, but it is hard to guarantee that the final products will be finished to the same standard. Any mistakes in this area can give rise to recalls, which cost money, or even lawsuits. But GLENTOP is wise to this. As your resident representative we ARE the solution. We protect your interests by conducting trustworthy inspections, and our quality control department is staffed with professionals who have vast experience in testing and inspection. We know all the tricks.

Pre-Production Inspection

We check every detail of the pre-production sample to make sure it meets our client’s demands. We also inspect materials and accessories prior to production so as to eliminate any defects.

Mid-Production Inspection

We make inspections after production has commenced to check that the workmanship is of the required standard, and we at GLENTOP keep our clients informed of the progress of the order. If you want some urgent change or improvement, we talk to the manufacturer immediately.

Random Inspection before Delivery

When most of the goods are finished and waiting in the warehouse, we make random inspections to ensure that everything is in good order as regards exact style, quantity, size, packing, shipping marks and all the other details. We check everything against the final documents and client specifications.

Container Loading Inspection

On receiving our client’s shipment instructions, we arrange fast shipping with the forwarder and shipping company. We monitor loading operations to avoid any shortages or damage to the goods.